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Members and Associates


Professor John W. CairnsProfessor John W. Cairns After early research on the comparative legal history of Louisiana and Quebec, Professor Cairns has devoted himself to the study of the legal literature of Scotland and England in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and to a long term research project on the relationship between legal thought and legal education in the Scottish enlightenment. He has published extensively in those fields in Britain, North America, continental Europe and Japan. He is currently researching law and slavery in eighteenth-century Scotland and completing a monograph on the history of Scots law.
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Dr Paul du PlessisProfessor Paul J. du Plessis Professor du Plessis' research interests include Roman law the historical development of the civilian tradition in mixed jurisdictions, the relationship between law and history as well as between law and society in a historical context. Secondary research interests include the development of European Private Law, Comparative Law and International Private Law.
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He is the Director of the Centre for Legal History.

Guido Rossi Dr Guido Rossi Guido Rossi joined the School of Law in 2013. His main research interests lie in Legal History, especially late medieval ius commune (both Civil and Canon law) and early modern mercantile law. Secondary research interests include Roman law and Comparative law.
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Professor Hector MacQueenProfessor Hector MacQueen Professor MacQueen has written extensively on the law of medieval Scotland, making comparative use of English law in particular, but also considering canon law and the Celtic laws of medieval Ireland and Wales. He has also worked on later perceptions of medieval law in Scotland, and has recently developed a significant body of work on modern legal nationalism considered in its historical context. He has also worked on the doctrinal history of the law of obligations, often in collaboration with David Sellar. Professor MacQueen was also a Commissioner at the Scottish Law Commission from 2009 to 2018.
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Baston_July17Dr Karen Baston manages the Centre's web pages and Twitter account. Her legal history research interests include Scottish lawyers' libraries of the long eighteenth century and Session Papers. She is currently working on a project about library borrowing registers from the University of Glasgow in the mid-18th century.
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Associate Members

The category of associate member was created in 2017 to give recognition to the extensive international connections that the members of the centre maintain with legal historians across the world. Associate members will serve for an initial period of 3 years and will advise the centre and its board on matters relating to the furthering of the cause of Roman law and legal history. It is a mark of great distinction to be invited to serve as an associate member.


Associated Staff at Edinburgh Law School


Associated Staff Elsewhere in the University

Doctoral Research Students

  • Jonathan Ainslie is researching 'Legal and Economic Fragmentation in the Roman Mediterranean, 235-312 CE'. His research homepage is available here.
  • Julien Bourhis is researching 'Legal reasoning and witchcraft at the Justiciary Court of Edinburgh, 1629-1634'.
  • Peter Candy is researching  'Roman maritime law from the end of the Republic to the reign of Diocletian: a social and economic perspective'. His research homepage is available here.
  • Charles Fletcher is researching 'The Regality and Barony Court of Grant: Justice and Society in Strathspey circa. 1690-1730. His research homepage is available here.
  • Christina James is researching 'Alessandro Tartagni and De Appellationibus: A study in the development of the ius commune in 15th century Bologna'. Her research homepage is available here.
  • Ross Macdonald is researching 'Accounting for inter vivos gifts in the law of succession: a historical/comparative analysis'. His research homepage is available here.

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