Section: Seminars and Lectures

Alan Watson Seminar for Legal History

Founded in 1985 by Professor Peter Birks as Legal History Discussion Group, the forum has evolved into a series of interdisciplinary seminars (two a year) led by international specialists on medieval and early modern law in historical context. The Seminar is named after Professor Alan Watson, who held the Chair of Civil Law in Edinburgh from 1968 to 1980.

The convener of the Alan Watson Seminar is Dr Guido Rossi. All enquires about it may be directed to him ( If you wish to be informed of future meetings of the Alan Watson Seminar, join our mailing list by sending an email to the convener at

 Past speakers include

Professor George Gretton, Professor Burkhardt Schaefer, Professor Niall Whitty, Professor Peter Birks, Dr Steven Neff, Professor John Cairns, Professor Angelo Forte, Professor John Blackie, Mr Grant MacLeod, Professor RK Osgood, Mr Peter Young, Mr David Sellar, Mr DB Walters, Professor T Tsumoda, Dr B Brown, Professor Reinhard Zimmermann, Professor David Johnston QC, Professor Kenneth Reid, Professor Sir Neil MacCormick, Professor David Garland, Dr Alexander Murdoch, Professor David Nichol, Mr Robert Shiels, Ms Andrea Loux, Dr Tom Green, Dr Adelyn Wilson, Dr Karen Baston, Dr Paul du Plessis, Dr Remus Valsan, Professor Xavier Prévost, Professor Igor Mineo, Professor Eliza Marzal, Professor Emanuele Conte, Professor Alejandro Rodriguez de la Peña, Professor Orazio Condorelli, Professor Wouter Druwé. 

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