Section: Past Events

From Casus to Regula (2008)

12-13 December 2008

Papers from this small, highly successful, expert conference have been published as The Creation of the Ius Commune: From Casus to Regula (Edinburgh University Press 2010), edited by John W. Cairns and Paul J. du Plessis.

After an introduction by the editors, the chapters are as follows:

  • "The Sources of Medieval Learned Law" by Harry Dondorp and Eltjo Schrage
  • "The Infrastructure of the Early Ius Commune: The Formation of Regulae, or Its Failure" by Kees Bezemer
  • "Ius Quaerens Intellectum: The Method of The Medieval Civilians" by James Gordley
  • "Medieval Family and Marriage Law: From Actions of Status to Legal Doctrine" by Laurent Waelkens
  • "The Roman Concept of Ownership and the Medieval Doctrine of Dominium Utile" by Thomas Rüfner
  • "Succession to Fiefs: A Ius Commune Feudorum?" by Magnus Ryan
  • "Towards the Medieval Law of Hypothec" by Paul J du Plessis
  • "The Ignorant Seller’s Liability for Latent Defects: One Regula or Various Sets of Rules?" by Jan Hallebeek
  • "The Glossators’ Monetary Law" by Wolfgang Ernst
  • "Citations and the Construction of Procedural Law in the Ius Commune" by R H Helmholz
  • "Doctoribus bona dona danda sunt: Actions to Recover Unpaid Legal Fees" by James A Brundage

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