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Semester 1

Workshop: Family Law(s) Under the Roman Empire 

30 November-1 December 2017

The University of Edinburgh, in conjunction with Tel Aviv University, will be hosting an international workshop of scholars working on legal history of the late antique Roman Empire, in one of the main legal traditions, namely Roman law, Greek legal traditions, Christian legal traditions, and Halakha, or the interaction between them, and focusing on marriage and family law. We are inviting advanced PhD students to participate in the workshop. 


Workshop: The Dawn of Roman Law

6-8 December 2017 

This is a closed conference with invited speakers. We intend to draw our speakers from a range of disciplines including Roman law, Roman archaeology, Etruscan studies, Greek law, Greek archaeology and anthropology. Scholars will be hosted by the University of Edinburgh. We have obtained funding for this conference, but we ask that speakers also explore their own institutional funding. The proceeds will form a book, published under the auspices of the Edinburgh Roman Law Group.


Semester 2

Book Launch

16 February 2018: Book Launch for Guido Rossi's Insurance in Elizabethan England: The London Code (CUP 2016)

19:30, Neil MacCormick Room, David Hume Tower

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Edinburgh Roman Law Group

16 March 2018: Dr Philip Kay, 'The Effectiveness of the Early Roman Law of Contract for Bankers: An Economic Historian's View'. 


Workshop: Early Modern Legal Practice in Europe (16th-18th centuries): usus modernus europaeum?

 25-26 May 2018

The workshop will look at the comparative development of legal practice in the early modern period across Europe. Focusing deliberately on the impact of law courts on substantive law - and not its systemisation by learned jurists - it will investigate similarities and differences in the development of law across different jurisdictions, seeking to understand whether and to what extent it is possible to consider this development as a unitary and truly European phenomenon.

The workshop will consist of twelve invited speakers, together with PhD and Post-doctoral scholars from the fields of legal history, private law, and early modern history.


Workshop: Ancient Law in Context 

1-2 June 2018

The next meeting of Ancient Law in Contest will be on the broad theme of 'Poverty, Wealth, and the Law'.

Date / Time Details Where
16th Feb 2018 19:30 (1 hour and 30 minutes) Seminar: Book Launch - Insurance in Elizabethan England The London Code - Guido Rossi
Neil MacCormick Room, DHT

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